MeatBalls are amazing!


Note: meat-balls can be made with or without tomatoes sauce. Keep in mind that if you make them with sauce you can eat the meatballs AND keep the sauce to eat it with pasta!!!

Ingredients: 500 gr. of minced meat (beef is the most used one, but even with lamb they are very nice!!), 1/2 glass of milk OR water, 2/3 slices of dry bread, 3 eggs, salt, Parmigiano, oil, bread crumbs (canned tomatoes sauce if you want + onion), basil or parsley.

Preparation: put the dry bread in a bowl with either milk or water to soften it, mash it with your hands then squeeze to get rid of the extra liquid. In a big bowl mix the meat with the softened bread, eggs, Parmigiano, basil, salt and a glass of bread crumbs. Mix with your hands for a while.

dsc01315 impasto-per-polpette

Finally make the balls with your hands.


If you want them in white just roll them in bread crumbs and then fry in the pan with oil.Make sure you let them cook on all sides by moving the pan in a circular motion. Should take about 10/15 minutes.

They should become all brownish and crispy outside!

polpettee polpette2

If you want to make them with tomatoes’ sauce, first light-fry your chopped onion with oil, then add the meat balls (no need to roll them in bread crumbs this time) and slowly cook them. Avoid turning them with a spoon, try to do that by gently moving the pan in a circular motion!

As they start becoming brownish add the tomatoes sauce and some basil and let cook for about 40/50 minutes!


Temperature and cooking time: After preparing the mix  meatballs are very easy and fast to cook. Preparing them and cooking the white version should take around 60 minutes. The Tomatoes sauce version is a bit longer!!


Italians generally eat their meat-balls as a second course with some vegetables.

Rarely we eat the notorious spaghetti-meat-balls 😛


This may be because we are savers, so we’d rather have pasta with the sauce one day and then the meat-balls the day after as a second course!! The tomatoes sauce one are much tastier if you let them “rest” for some hour 😉

You can make amazing sandwiches with your meat-balls!

3046_0 Panino-rustico-con-polpettine-e-zucca

Add some cheese to the tomatoes sauce ones, make a bed of grilled veggies for the white ones 😉




One thought on “MeatBalls are amazing!

  1. I always wondered why the notorious pasta with meatballs was such a big hit in the US, since in Italy nobody eats pasta that way. As an Italian living in America, I have to say I like it, its very tasty, I do prefer sepearting them though. I never tried them in a sandwich! thanks!

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