Pasta with salmon and zucchine

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Note: this is a fairly fast preparation sauce for your pasta/rice

Ingredients: 1 zucchina (italian squash), 1 tiny white onion, 3 thin slices of salmon (either fresh or smoked), oil, butter, salt, pasta or rice. If you like spices you can add either curry or saffron + lemon skin.

Preparation: finely chop your onion and start softening it with oil and some water in a frying pan. Grate your zucchina (you can even cut in julienne style) and add it to the onion in the pan. Let cook with low flame untill it gets a golden-greeny color.


This is when you can add a tea spoon of spice if you want! Finely chop your salmon, then make a “hole” in the zucchina&onion and let a little piece of butter melt.

WP_20150420_004 WP_20150420_005

Add your salmon in the middle and let cook untill it changes color.

WP_20150420_006 WP_20150420_007

Mix the whole ingredients in the pan. When mixing it with pasta remember to keep some of the cooking water and add it with some butter when mixing the pasta to the sauce! Grate some leomn skin on it to enhance th flavour 😛

Preparation and cooking time: between cutting and cooking shoul take about 20-30 minutes. By the time you boil the water and cook the pasta the sauce it’ll be ready!!



I’d suggest to use either fusilli, penne, linguine or tagliatelle for this sauce 😛

If you’re making rice instead of adding water and butter (it will “melt” the rice, bleah!), warm some oil in a pan with garlic or mustard seeds, or basically any spice you like, and fry the rice a little bit before mixing it to the sauce!


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